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01-21-2013, 12:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Oshie97 View Post
I don't understand fans that base value off of where players were drafted, especially in different drafts. No where have I seen any Blues fan saying he's the next Malkin but we have been watching him overseas for yrs and now that he's over and looking good, you bet we're excited and rightfully so.
The Malkin comparison is obviously hyperbole. I was more referencing people who are claiming he WILL be a stud in the NHL as if they have been to the future and know it to be a fact.

How a player plays in the KHL has absolutely no bearing on how he will play in the NHL. Anisimov did very well in the KHL during the lockout but nobody is expecting him to tear up the NHL (at least not sarcastically). You never know how a prospect will play when he comes over. Looks good for Tarasenko but it's only been 1 game so we'll see.

Originally Posted by shorton724 View Post
He is not getting overrated the vast majority of analyst have been saying he was the greatest prospect not in the NHL that is not basing him off of one game that is basic it off of him playing professional hockey since he was 16 years old. While people in the US were learning how to drive a car he was in the KHL working his butt of so he can one day come to the US and try to win the Stanley Cup.
That is verbatim the resume of Filatov a well.

Learned English so he could "fulfill his dream of playing in the NHL?" Check.
Was able to excel in the KHL? Check.
Was a captain for the Russian Juniors? Check.
Was the top ISS and CSS European skater in 2008? Check.
Got a hat-trick when he first played for the Jackets? Check.
Played under Hitchcock? Check.

Where is he now?

The point isn't that Filatov = Tarasenko, but more so that you can never predict how things will go with a prospect like him. I don't want to be Debbie Downer but to claim that he's obviously better than Ryan Murray is the extent of hubris. We don't even know how good either of them are!

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