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01-21-2013, 12:48 AM
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Originally Posted by FrailSwan View Post
Hmmmm...needs moar Oleksiak.
I just worry about bringing him up too fast. Does he seem ready? Absolutely. But at the same time, I have a feeling if he comes up to the NHL, he's sticking no matter what. And I'd rather not risk ruining him just for a chance success in a shortened season. One defender can't make that huge of a difference unless he ends up being Chara-esque.

Originally Posted by Frozen Failure View Post
You know I'm a huge Eriksson supporter. I'd expect to give Jagr and Whitney some extra time off per game to keep them fresh-er. I mean, we could put R Smith and Ryder in that third line spot no problem but either way someone's not gonna get all the prime offensive minutes to keep legs fresh.
I totally agree. I would like to see 3 scoring lines to keep everyone fresh, but we just don't have the pieces at the moment.

Originally Posted by Cin View Post
Have people seriously already forgotten how good Bachman is? Am I the only one who watches our prospects? haha.

Turned out right about Dillon.

Was right about Glennie.

Right about Vincour.

Right about Roman.

Knew Vish would bolt to the KHL.

Right about Kari turning his ship around.

Even called several trades and signings now. It's interesting how the ones who don't know the sport too well, are the most vocal. Haha, welcome to the internet

Anybody have anything else to add to the Systems and coaching discussion?
No one's saying he won't be that good, simply that he isn't at the moment. And I'm not doubting you, but none of those were particularly hard to predict (all of them together though, is pretty impressive, I'll give you that).

I get all the credit for Sinitsyn when he turns out though.

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