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01-21-2013, 12:54 AM
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you did 2mil/2 yr usually means 1 million per.

We in the context of sports refers to us as the team, not we as in you and I. eg "we looked bad last night", clearly this would mean cole and patches, not doc and monkey.
Semantics aside, no one on this board or or even pundits know what has been offered or asked for. I made the point I believe 3.75 is fair to both the habs and subban. Whoever is farthest away on one side or the other of this number would be the one I would be upset with most. IF the habs offered subban 2 million he would have a reason not to sign, but I also likely think that isn't the case. I also know meehans reputation and he managed to get theo 5 million(almost 10 years ago) after winning the hart trophy, even though he wasn't that good afterwords. As a comparable.

Do I think subban wants 6-8 million, probably not, but would meehan direct him to do so, likely. Remember this isn't just bergevin ans subban, meehan is likely more at fault for the non signing than anyone else.

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