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01-21-2013, 01:04 AM
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Originally Posted by DethOfDragnz View Post

I like this jersey. I wouldn't mind if the made this. I don't like the oil worker guy I think it's too rednecky and I think it's a poor drawing to boot. I was also not too crazy about the Todd Mcfarlane oil drop with a gear on it jersey we got a few years back. Nothing can beat the early 80s classic medium blue with orange. If they do come out with a 3rd jersey hopefully it'll be something good.
Third Jersey talk?

I want these:

No ECHL-style Rigger on the front. No return to 90s mistakes (as far as 90s thirds go, the MacFarlane jerseys are pretty gorgeous. But they ain't Oilers jerseys.). No garish throwback color-scheme. No lame 'looks cool' black & neon color scheme or gimmicks (see how the 90s thirds are collectively thought of by the zeitgeist, and that's how any 'kewl' jersey stunt will be thought of in a few years, if that).

I want the above. Simple, classy, modern. The jerseys we should have had 5 years ago.

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