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Originally Posted by NWShark View Post
Sorry but you're wrong. He had one maybe 2 off seasons due to injury. Other than that his career is the model of consistency. Averaging somewhere around 50 pts a season if not better.
yes, he one awful season and one pretty bad season. They also happen to be his two most recent ones. And fair as an evaluative tool or not, he did so while being judged as a guy who was being paid to be a front-line scoring forward. If you have to go back 3 years before you can point to a season as an example of what you think you'd be paying for, it's going to impact the player's value. Pro sports are the ultimate "what have you done for me lately" business.

If he goes out this year and puts up a pro-rated equivalent to a 50-60 point season, then yes you can write off some of the impact of the last couple years and hand out a value more in line with his career-long production. But until then you pay him based on what recent history says he's worth. And recent history says he's not worth a whole lot.

You only need to look as far as his compliance buyout compatriot, Wade Redden. He was reasonably productive right up until his last full NHL year in 09-10, and he was pretty productive in his two AHL years with the Whale. He's not worth the $6.5 he was getting before the buyout, but by the same logic you're applying to Gomez, he should be getting more than the $800k ($1m max if he hits his bonus triggers) that the Blues are paying him. But $800k is what he's getting because he's not been an NHL factor for 2 seasons and nobody knows quite what to expect at this point. Same as Gomez.


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