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01-21-2013, 01:36 AM
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This game was just like the reoccurring nightmare I used to have where I'm watching a Coyotes game and all of our D are sporting the double nickels and hell bent on putting as many pucks directly into opposition skates as possible, rather than just putting it into the God damned corner. Every ****ing defensemen we have (not so much Schlemko and Klesla) had the itis tonight. The Jovanitis. All of them could not help themseleves. They just had to hear that puck clang off of opposition skate blades and shin pads tonight. There's the corner boys, put it the **** over there and let our guys go get it. Yeesh. The D made me so sick with their decision making tonight. Forcing every damn play, instead of just keeping it simple, basic, easy, and effective. Ugh.

I'm not even mad at Smith. That floater that came straight down and in was a heartbreaker. I feel had for him on that one. That slow dribbler he let roll by him was totally his fault but another tough one to have to just watch go in. Add in that insane Sharp shot from the the glove side face off dot, accross Smith to beat him stick side, when he's six foot ****ing four and four feet outide the crease challenging is basically unfathomable. What the bell could Sharp see to shoot at? There was no angle. He bent that puck like Beckham. I swear it. I have no idea how that was possibly a goal. Makes no sense. Not Smith's fault. Just an incredible act of magic, voodoo, witchcraft or whatever by Sharp.

It seems I wasnt the only one stuck in a nightmare tonight. Poor Smitty will be covered in bruises from frantically pinching himself, desperately trying to wake.

His marks will match Tippett's, who hasn't seen hockey like this since his junior days. Man oh man does the NHL look more like the CHL this year. Haha. Wild and wooly stuff. I can't wait for it to settle down and be a top tier pro league again. It's amateur hour.

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