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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
Never played an AC game before but I got this for Xmas so I've been playing it for the last couple of weeks. It took me a long, long time (Sequence 10 or so) to really get into it. I think I liked doing the side missions more than the main mission itself. Anyway I'm at the end now...

And the ending to the Desmond story line may be the worst to a game that I can remember. Jumping through those ruins with little indication where you're supposed to go next? Maybe I'm an idiot but it took me like an hour. Completely anti-climatic and made me just wish the game was over. Total momentum killer. And if I have to listen to that ***** in the white dress utter one more stupid word...

The ending to the Connor story was really weak too. The two guys you've been chasing after the whole game and those were the final confrontations? Throw Haytham against 3 barrels and chase Lee for a minute and you've killed them both? Garbage.

Anyway...sitting through the incredibly pretentious and annoyingly over-the-top ending now so I can get back to side missions.

Strange game. Probably a 7/10 at best.
I would get ACII and Brotherhood (wasn't a fan of Revelations). Ezio is a much more engaging/enjoyable protagonist than Conner, and the Desmond stuff is a little easier to digest. Of course you'd be going into it with one of the bigger Desmond twists (the way Lucy's storyline plays out) already spoiled, but still. I also had more fun exploring renaissance Italy than colonial America.


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