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01-21-2013, 02:05 AM
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Originally Posted by TheMurdocktor View Post
Hey guys, got a quick question.

I'm going to the Rumble and my buddy and I plan on making a sign, or have separate signs. If we do a combo sign, our plan was to have "YOU'RE WELCOME" for Sandow or separate signs of "YES" "NO" for Danielson. Of, if we did separate signs, I was still questioning my choice.

My buddy suggested I do a Divas sign because I would probably get on TV easier. Plus, Kaitlyn ruffles my jimmies.

If I didn't do a Divas sign, I was thinking about repping HFBoards. I was either going to "#HFBoards" or "#HFWF" (even though I'm not a participant in the HFWF...)

Any other suggestions?

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