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New Jersey Swamp Devils

Head Coach: Glen Sather
Assistant Coach: Roger Neilson

Sid Abel(A) - Phil Esposito - George Armstrong(C)
Ilya Kovalchuk - Milan Novy - Daniel Alfredsson(A)
Tony Leswick - Ken Mosdell - Jerry Toppazzini
Ed Sandford- Bill Thoms - Rejean Houle
Clint Smith
Rejean Houle will swap places with Toppazzini when we face Hartford, to check Bobby Hull

Paul Coffey - Bill White
Lloyd Cook - Tom Johnson
Gary Bergman - Doug Young
Miroslav Dvorak - Bob Dailey

Frank Brimsek
Jiri Kralik

Sid Abel - Phil Esposito - Daniel Alfredsson
Ilya Kovalchuk - Paul Coffey

Milan Novy - Bill Thoms - George Armstrong
Lloyd Cook - Tom Johnson

Ken Mosdell - Jerry Toppazzini
Tom Johnson - Bill White

Bill Thoms - Tony Leswick
Gary Bergman - Doug Young

Sid Abel - Daniel Alfredsson will take some shifts to press for SHGs

Estimated Minutes (regular season)

Sid Abel15 4120
Phil Esposito175022
George Armstrong153018
Ilya Kovalchuk135018
Milan Novy123015
Daniel Alfredsson134118
Tony Leswick110314
Ken Mosdell110314
Jerry Toppazzini110314
Ed Sandford7007
Bill Thoms62311
Rejean Houle7007
Phil Esposito gets his extra time by taking long shifts, mostly at the expense of Novy and Thoms
Houle and Toppazzini flip ES minutes when facing Hartford/Bobby Hull

Paul Coffey196025
Bill White190423
Lloyd Cook152<117
Tom Johnson181423
Gary Bergman120315
Doug Young90312
Bergman-Johnson will sometimes be paired together, mostly in defensive situations
Only 9 of 46 min of ES ice time when neither the top pairing nor Tom Johnson is on the ice

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