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01-21-2013, 02:21 AM
Failures Of Fenwick
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Originally Posted by DaDucks View Post
True.. But it's going to be a blood bath return... Cant expect several top 6 players in return... Some people on here are expecting kovy returns, that's crazy.
I would say Getzlaf and Perry would garner a better return. Kovalchuk while talented had the stench attached to him of putting up good numbers but never going anywhere. Getzlaf and Perry are atleast perceived as guys you want in the playoffs.

If I had to trade 1, it'd be Perry, I love him but finding centers like Getzlaf is simply way to hard, ideally we keep both, but Perry would fetch a monster return

RE: Gibson, I don't see us throwing him into the fire, the ducks seem to start their young goaltenders as backups.

Happened w/Giguere and Bryz
Happened w/Giguere and Hiller

In a year or more likely 2 years, Gibson will be backing up Hiller to start, but a healthy Hiller is a top 5 goalie in the league, he can win games by himself, if we had a healthy Hiller instead of Emery vs the Preds we would have won that series I think we all saw the difference between an average goalie, and a great one in that series

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