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01-21-2013, 02:38 AM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
The positive is this team hates to lose. They were fired up and pissed off. Limit the stupid mistakes (which is what Tippett does best, thank God) and we've got a good group. They're emotionally invested already. Doan looks like he's in the playoffs. So does morris. It starts with the leaders. It's a good sign.
Statement of the night. This team didn't go down without a fight. I love that. I'll watch a game until the end, even if it's a complete stinker, but that doesn't mean I haven't mentally lost hope. If any of you know who Jeff Marek is, he always says that one of the biggest flaws with the post 2005 lockout San Jose Sharks is that they lose too easily. Not in the sense they are a bad team, but that they are too willing to accept defeat. I'm glad everybody on our team was pissed off and frustrated, it's a lot better than giving up or being complacent.

Also Shane Doan. After Smith hacked the goal post, he came over to him to give him a pep talk, and maybe it's just me, but I felt with his play afterwards, he was genuinely trying so hard to do right by the goalie, but more importantly, his teammate and friend that carried the team last year to the Western Conference Final. I was so impressed by how Doan knocked Oduya the **** over and then contested the ******** penalty with such passion in a game that was pretty much over. That man is a true leader.

Also that backhander of his was pretty nice.

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