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Originally Posted by thedonger View Post
i think crew was onto something in a post he made in another thread. it seems as if snow was putting all his eggs in the "lower cap ceiling" basket for this season expecting to take advantage of a cap casualty or 2, and it blew up in his face. i think when he realized it wasn't happening this year, he decided to call it season and just do his best to protect the kids.

if that's the case, in all honesty it's hard for me to blame him since obtaining top 4 d-men or top 6 forwards would be extremely costly, particularly with this shortened season, and could possibly set the rebuild back even further in the long term.

this is the only thing i'm holding onto, and i'm willing to give him a pass in this shortened season. but if he doesn't make some sort of splash this coming offseason, and all we see is more reasoners, martineks(although i admit, i didn't really mind that move) and waiver pickups, it may be enough for me to finally throw in the towel after all these miserable least until garth and/or wang are upgraded(not simply gone or fired).

as much as i love jt, there's not a single player now or that ever played, that alone could turn this into an above average (let alone championship-caliber) team having to work with what garth and chuckles continue to put together.
I'd argue Mario Lemieux has us in the playoffs.

MAYBE....Roy, but definitely Mario.

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