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Originally Posted by Hockey Team View Post
Those numbers are fiction anyway a lot of times.

First of all, teams can manipulate the numbers. They can sell unsold tix to brokers an hour before the game starts for $1 each, and it's now a sellout. I also don't believe that there's EXACTLY 17200 seats. Since when is an arena designed around having a round number of seats. There's almost always an odd number of seats for various reasons.

And of course, that # is tickets sold, not attendance. There's basically a 0% chance that not 1 ticketholder didn't show up.
I'm curious to know what these reasons are..

And if teams could manipulate the numbers, how come they don't manipulate them all the time? How come the Rangers didn't have 100% attendance last year if they could have lied and said they did?

And I find it hard to believe that they have been lying to us all these years about the amount of seats (18,200). Yeah, it's an even number.


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