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01-21-2013, 03:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Sojourn View Post
1) Rakell doesn't need to be better than Holland. He just needs to be a better player for the role.

2) It depends on the player. I don't think Rakell has a whole lot to gain by staying in the CHL. He plays a mature, professional style game which fits better in a professional league than the more free wheeling CHL style. The only real advantage in the CHL would be in allowing Rakell to grow into his body a bit more, and perhaps to focus on his offense.

3) So? Does that mean that minutes are less important for Holland? We're talking about a 4th line spot. 10-13 minutes at even strength is probably all we should expect. I suspect Rakell would end up getting more minutes on the PK, and Holland on the 2nd PP unit.

Also, I'm not even sure Holland and Rakell will end up competing directly for a spot. It could just as easily end up being someone like DSP who loses his spot to make room for Holland. Unless DSP steps up, it probably -should- be him.
1) Yes, i was talking about being better for that open 4C role.

2) He`s barely a career PPG OHL player. I wouldn`t say that he have nothing to prove there No matter how ''pro-game'' he plays. There`s definately the situation where he should only play in NHL now.

3) Yes. Holland is 22 and Rakell is 19. It`s not good for Holland to sit, but there`s a differnece! Holland is in his 2nd pro season, while Rakell now has only 1 pro game under his belt.

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