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01-21-2013, 05:13 AM
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Again quoting somebody that you used to know, quoted for truth:
Go Ravens! I really can't stand the Harbaugh in San Fran, it's embarassing to watch him on the sidelines and ironically his brother had two major calls go against him today - the Brady kick to the junk, imagine if a guy like Suh did that, we'd be talking about it non stop - and the Foxboro Clock doing it's thing at the end there. He was fairly calm about both of them just barking at the refs, not doing some sort of ****ed up flying jig like baby bro there.

I was on my way home so I missed all the post game, but I hear Sore Loser Bill was at it again, refusing to do post game interviews, what a ****ing dick. For a guy who is such a great football mind to be such a piece of **** as a person is sad. Every time he loses he acts like a child and stomps off to cry in his room.
Ravens are my favorite team in the East. Go Ravens, Go Ray!

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