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01-21-2013, 07:52 AM
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Originally Posted by JG897 View Post
Maybe I'm missing something, but is anyone else finding the changes made to Seat Exchange since last season really frustrating? Do you have to click buy on every single game separately to see if there's any tickets available, or does it show up on the main page like last season? Last seasons version seems way more user friendly.
Correct, you need to click on one game at a time. They could remove or grey-out the "buy" link to a game if no tickets are for sale, that would be my recommendation.

SeatExchange shows why True North went to the card system vs physical tickets. They want to keep every admission within the system. Re-selling is great for season ticket holders, a fair bit pricier for buyers (a pair of bad P6's for a B game are $192 all-in, vs the "face" price of $155.50 and season ticket holder price of around $110. Season ticket holder keeps the $155.50 (NO fees), Ticketmaster/TN get the $36.50). True North wants a cut of that, they want to make sure desperate fans don't get scammed/ripped off via Kijiji etc, and they want to give all fans a good shot at tickets for a somewhat reasonable price (~20-25% over "face"). If the Manitoba laws re: scalping ever change, TN wants to ensure they are already involved in letting fans list; the season ticket holder could then choose the price to list at (with TN/TM taking a nice % fee).

The setup is great for season ticket holders wanting to sell some games - a guaranteed sell at a good price with a click of a button, no listing on Kijiji, meeting people, answering 20 emails, etc. But still we get tons of season ticket holders whining about wanting their precious physical ticket and crying foul over a $2.50 fee that was removed when they switched from physical tickets (but the season ticket holders didn't understand and thought the fee would return next year). Anyway that's been debated on another thread

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