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Originally Posted by Lebanese Leaf View Post
This is exactly what OP is talking about. You just trash him with all those things that are completely unwarranted.

-What has he done to earn the reputation of being selfish?
-Have you seen his defensive game with the Marlies and how much it has improved?
-Why don't you trash 90% of the offensively gifted kids that come into the NHL with flawed defensive games?

-He's not small, he's average NHL size for his position, 6'0 and 185 lbs.
-He's much stronger on the puck than he used to be when he first came up, again like most rookies who have to adjust from playing against kids to playing against men.
-He is grittier than most players on the Leafs, and isn't afraid to throw the body. He had 4 hits in under 10 minutes of play against Montreal. If a player averages 4 hits per game, he likely leads the NHL in hits.

The problem is, you and many posters like you have these ignorant stubborn impressions that you refuse to adjust. If a guy happens to do something bad in the one game you pay attention, you will always point to that one bad example. Go take a look at how NHL prospects develop, it's a miracle Kadri is where he is today with all the negativity he's received.

You don't see this on any other team's forum, no other team has so many guys who continuously trash their best offensive prospect. Even guys with flaws are defended, to the point of blind homerism by their fans, except Kadri. Go to the Habs board and ask them why Lois Leblanc is where he is. Or to the Oilers board about MPS. Or to the Flyers board about Brayden Schenn. Or to the Islanders board about Neiderreiter. I could go on and on with examples. None of these guys are busts yet. And they will all support and defend their guys and tell you so.

I just can't wait until you and all the haters continue to eat crow.
Good post.

To be honest, I think posters like the one you were responding to, behave in that manner because they associate pessimism with 'real hockey intelligence'. You know, something other teams fans rag on the Maple Leafs for because it's the fun thing to do.

So in turn some Leaf fans clutch on to unwarranted claims about Leaf players and prospects to show everyone else who admittedly hate the Leafs "Hey, look at me. I get it, I see our players have all the flaws you all say and that makes me smart. I'm a realist. I have hockey intelligence!".

Which is hilarious at times when we see how far off track things get. Kadri's is weak? lazy? and selfish?

Maybe he's not as strong as everyone else because he's a kid playing against men right now - just like 90% of all prospects. But lazy? Selfish? I've yet to see it. He's developing right before our eyes and seems to be improving every time we see him.

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