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Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
1 of Plekanec/Desharnais can not be here next year. Pretty clear to me. It's not a knock on either one, but you can not be a strong team by being so small down the middle on the top 2 lines. Plekanec has 3 more years @ 5 M per year. It's probably what he would get on the UFA market if he was a UFA.

Desharnais will be a RFA this summer and he's 1 year away from UFA. The time to make the decision is this summer.

Galchenyuk must play center next year. Period. The longer we put off him learning as a NHL center, the more time it will take for this team to someday be a contender.

Really ****ing tired of being a shrimp team down the middle. We've gone from Koivu-Perreault/Gilmour to Koivu-Ribeiro to Koivu-Plekanec to Plekanec-Gomez to what we have now. Enough is enough.
I happen to agree with you on all your points. You can't be small down the middle, your fine on the wings but a centerman has to do double as the best defensive forward for the line as well.

For everyone else you have to realize David Desharnais is going to get a significant raise next season. Our cap hit for the 2013-2014 sits at 54million with the buyout of Scott Gomez. You have to think we will add something like 5million to the cap as well with Subban, so that is 59million with 17 players signed. Which means we don't have alot of flexibility for signing more players. Desharnais is going to get 4-4.5million minumum. That 4million is a massive raise to what he is making now. Does he deserve it? Yes he put the production up so he deserves to get paid for it. But should Montreal invest 4million into a 5.6'' centerman? That really is the big question. If the answer is yes then Montreal is in a very bad situation for the cap since we would be near the 64million cap limit and still need to sign a backup goalkeeper and probably 4 other utility players. Even using our AHL team to fill our holes we couldn't afford to fit them under the cap.

That then would force us to buyout out another player, who would that be? Kaberle? Bourque? Even if we did buy them out, we are still very tight to the cap limit needing to sign a decent back up goal keeper would cost minumum 1or 2 million. And if we bought out another player, we still have to find another player to replace that player to fill out our roster.

The question that people have to ask themselves is, Is Desharnais worth spending 4+million for 2 or 3 years because that is probably what Montreal is going to give him if the answer is yes. Wouldn't you rather spend that money on Galchenyuk and have him take over as our number one center instead of locking up the franchise to a small center for several years? That is the question people are going to have to ask themselves because whatever you may think Desharnais value is truly is, he is NOT the future for Montreal. Galchenyuk is. And if you pay Desharnais 4+million this year, then your locking Montreal in with Desharnais. Plekanac is already with us for 3 more years and we want to keep Eller. If your going to pay a centerman 4+million he better be centering the top 2 lines. So if you want to keep Desharnais, is he going to be a top 2 centerman for us? Or do we not want Galchenyuk to take over that mantle? That question has to be answered after this season because Desharnais is going to get a big raise, it just depends if Montreal wants to keep him for the foreseeable future.

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