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Originally Posted by Inner Turbulence View Post
I remember this, there was a bit of talk about it at the time. I think it was a Penner interview after the lockout had commenced, or was it Westgarth. If memory serves the Kings backed up Hammond strongly, reportedly.

The current version of the Insider with feature articles every few days is not what I want from the Insider. I want the Insider to be about the team, games etc. Pretty much end of story. The update on the season opener was quickly drowned out by the Lieweke feature.

Not that the feature/background/history articles aren't interesting - they're just not what I am looking for there. There should be another vehicle for the feature articles, like the Kings official website.
It was Westgarth and yes, the Kings backed him and attempted to keep the article up citing that while he was an employee of an NHL team his job was still that of a memeber of the media and that he should be allowed to remain in contact with players during the lockout. The NHL disagreed forced the blog to remove the interview and Hammond quit rather than become basically nothing but a mouthpiece being told what to say...

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