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Gamecenter from my experiece the last couple of years:

Web Browser

PROS- Works flawlessly. Very manageable, quality is good, and a consistent experience much like center ice. Can watch anywhere with internet access on any computer.
CONS- Need to rig a laptop or computer to your tv if you want to enjoy from your couch. Need HDMI for both video and audio or setup a pair of speakers on your computer. Can be a pain.

Andriod app (4.6" Phone screen)

PROS- Had issues at first but now works flawlessly. Lets you changes the bitrate manually which is so convenient. Have yet to test it on 4g but works great over my home wifi. Can pretty watch hockey anywhere now.
CONS- Crashed once during the Oiler vs Canucks game last night. Had issues not loading at first on Saturday, but everyone was having problems. Have to manually sign in to the app every time you load it.

Xbox app

PROS- Great interface and navigation. Not quite as good on the web browser but allows you to quickly look up stats and other league info. Perfect for watching hockey on your couch. Worked flawlessly for vault games.
CONS-Runs like crap for live streams. Like the ps3 app last year the streams "rebuffer" every 2 minutes. Very frustrating. Causes the game to stop for about 15 seconds and skips back to live. By the time the game is over, you miss a few big plays and your delayed by about 5 minutes. Can't change it to a lower kbps setting like the andriod app. Would totally save this app if I could.

PS3 app (2011-12 Season)
PROS- Compared to the xbox app I have no reason to use this anymore. Interface was slow and not easy.
CONS-Only used it a few times. Barely worked for me. Same issues as the xbox app during live streams.

Center Ice

PROS- RELIABLE. As long as you pay your cable bill, you will always be able to watch the game.
CONS-NO FREAKING HD. Can't pick your feed (home or away) and is completely random on which local feed you will be watching. Can only watch where you have cable tv. So you are tied to your living room. Dependent on cable service. So if you don't have cable, it will cost you more then $160 since you now have to pay for cable tv. No Vault service. I think there is a stats and standing channel but its not easy to find.

So there you go. Hope this helps if anyone was stuck on which to choose...

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