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01-21-2013, 09:05 AM
Joe McGrath
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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Anton View Post
I think we discussed it last year, but I wish there was a way to incorporate the guy who takes a penalty into a minus if the other team scores on the PP. Also, the guy who draws the penalty getting a plus if the Canes score on a PP. It kind of goes against the whole premise of +/-, but many times, that is a key factor.

I realize that sometimes a guy get's bailed out because the PK prevents a goal, but how's that any different than general bad plays. For instance, in Sanguinetti's case on the first goal, if Cam Ward had happen to decide to try and poke check that pass coming across, then Sanguinetti's poor play may have amounted to nothing, even though it was terrible defense on his part.

Just a thought.
Pretty much this. I think the problem is that sometimes you take "good" penalties to save someone else's behind that lead to a PP goal, so it's another judgement call. If you take an interference penalty because you gave the puck away at the blue line (Corvo) then its pretty cut and dry. It's up to tar heel if he wants to include things like this, but I think the numbers from last season told us everything we would expect to see based on the old eyeball test.

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