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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
Why buy him out if teams would be willing to line up at the deadline/draft to make a trade for him?

Even taking 2m of salary would increase his value a good bit
Let me ask you something: Why would Danny Briere waive his NMC?

There's all the rumors out there already about his custody agreement w/ his wife, his desire to want to be w/ his kids, etc. Why would he waive?

And if you get past that, here's something else for you to consider: If Danny Briere's agent is worth a lick, he'd advise his client against waiving the NMC solely for money reasons. If the Flyers ask Danny Briere to waive his NMC, that means they are looking to get rid of him. AKA if he refuses, they will likely buy him out in the offseason. While Briere has a large cap hit, he's actually owed only 5M in actual money over the last 2 years of his deal. A buyout would allow him to recoup 2/3 of that, and he'd be able to sign a new contract for well in excess of that amount, and he'd be able to choose his destination.

By refusing to waive his NMC, Briere gets to choose his destination, and he ends up w/ more money. So I say again, Danny Briere is NOT going to be traded, no matter how much we want him to be.

Also, in the rare event that he were to be traded, why would Holmgren ever take 2M of his salary?!? That's basically 2M cap penalty each year against us for 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. That 2M in cap space is worth far more than the draft pick Briere would net us.

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