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01-21-2013, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Goldthorpe View Post
I'm still reading around the articles about this in order to get a good understanding of what happened, but as of now, I'm far from convinced that Dawson is wrong in all this. The kid run a vulnerability scanner on a school system, signed a non-disclosure agreement about it, and then proceed to break this agreement through media interviews. Not very bright.

Also, he's not a whistleblower in the normal definition of the term. He's not a school employee under a confidentiality agreement. Nothing illegal was done by Dawson or Skytech for him to whistleblow.

Sad story because it seems he's a good kid with a good future, but scanning a network you don't own is just wrong. We aren't in the 90' anymore, and he should have known better.
He never should've signed that agreement IMO, there were no malicious intentions at all.

Skytech and Dawson are just trying to protect their respective *****, nothing else and this kid could end up with no career at all for something so petty.

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