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Originally Posted by PenguinPower420 View Post
Who gives a **** about Colorado? They're 1 vote out of 30. 29 teams will realize that it benefits the league on the aggregate to have all 4 Western Canadian teams in the same division. Give them a few million dollars to shut up if they whine too much about it.
Winnipeg isn't really west though. It's west of the eastern time zone, but that's about it.

When Winnipeg came into the league, they were with the western Canadian teams. LA was also in a division with Hartford at the time, so...

Winnipeg then got put with the Norris division we all know and love when realignment happened in the early 80's. Only after the Rockies moved to NJ was the league forced to move Winnipeg back with Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. Then, almost as soon as they could, they moved Winnipeg back to the Norris/Central after adding a few expansion teams in the early 90's.

The Eastern Conference and the other conference that spans all 4 time zones are completely different in the issues that each face with potential realignment. Why they both needs to be aligned the same way, when one conference has basically nothing to do with the other, I don't quite understand.

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