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Originally Posted by Goldthorpe View Post
I'm still reading around the articles about this in order to get a good understanding of what happened, but as of now, I'm far from convinced that Dawson is wrong in all this. The kid run a vulnerability scanner on a school system, signed a non-disclosure agreement about it, and then proceed to break this agreement through media interviews. Not very bright.

Also, he's not a whistleblower in the normal definition of the term. He's not a school employee under a confidentiality agreement. Nothing illegal was done by Dawson or Skytech for him to whistleblow.

Sad story because it seems he's a good kid with a good future, but scanning a network you don't own is just wrong. We aren't in the 90' anymore, and he should have known better.
the Way I understood is

1. Ahmed discover Flaw
2. Talks to Dawson.
3. Dawson talks to Skytech.

2 Days later

4. Ahmed Scans to see if system solved
5. Skytech Calls Ahmed
6. Ahmed and Skytech Get an agreement.
7. Dawson call Ahmed for a meeting
8. Dawson vote to expell him

Dawson is in Right to expell him. however, there was no malicious intention in it, It was wrong what he did though. A warning should've been enough IMO.

Its like one Day, I got a ticket for an Illegal U-turn on a snowy day after losing control of the car on a two way street . I managed to get on the other line instead of the Ditch.

By the law, I did an illegal U-turn

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