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01-21-2013, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by boris4c View Post
I believe in the KHL's expansion and I believe it would be great for the entire European continent, especially in parts where hockey needs a bit of a boost such as Southeastern Europe (Slovenia, Croatia) but even in Central Europe (Austria, Slovakia, Hungary).

It could be me, but I have a feeling that hockey in general is on the fall in quite a few countries with good tradition but if their best players were given the possibility of playing in a league such as the KHL (on top of the ones already in the NHL) it would do wonders for their programs. I am thinking that most teams would likely rely on their own domestic players, just like it's mostly Latvians who play for Dinamo Riga or Kazakhs for Barys Astana. It will still be a few years before we see the effects on their national programs but I am sure they will be positive.

I am originally from Serbia where hockey is just about to die unfortunately, but I would love to see Medvescak Zagreb in the KHL as that would give that region a top team which it never had. Their attendance is excellent in the EBEL and so are their results. They have been able to bring former NHLers to their squad and it looks to me like they have a bright future.

The only issue for me is that there are likely too many teams in the KHL right now and their is a danger of over-expansion.
well, I don't think it's public yet, but, imho, Medvedev and co don't mind the fall out of poor Russian team to the VHL (Vityaz', Avto (unless they poor the money into the team that clearly do exist in e-burg, Kuznya, mb Spartak) will sooner or later move down to the VHL to be replaced by the Western powerful clubs. I think Medvedev wants that, get rid of problematic clubs, replace them with financial power-houses, but this won't work and Russian hockey will loose it's identity completely.

Look at all the idiotic rush-decisions they make accepting clubs to KHL/MHL, clubs that can't even finish their inaugural season, and some don't even make it as far as starting it.

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