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01-21-2013, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by chewBACHa View Post
the Way I understood is

1. Ahmed discover Flaw
2. Talks to Dawson.
3. Dawson talks to Skytech.

2 Days later

4. Ahmed Scans to see if system solved
5. Skytech Calls Ahmed
6. Ahmed and Skytech Get an agreement.
7. Dawson call Ahmed for a meeting
8. Dawson vote to expell him
That's pretty much how I understand it too.
Dawson is in Right to expell him. however, there was no malicious intention in it, It was wrong what he did though. A warning should've been enough IMO.
I tend to agree, but since we don't know the details, it's hard to say. 14 out of 15 teachers voted to expel him, this doesn't seem like a bureaucratic decision. My guess is that there's more to it than reported. Maybe he got asked to stay away from the issue after meeting with Dawson for the first time, and that's why they were pissed when he didn't.

Also, 2 days to fix a vulnerability, especially when this vulnerability is from a third-party software, is ridiculously low. Of course the flaw wasn't fixed after just two days.

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