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01-21-2013, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by ITM View Post
I think that's the truest thing you've posted here and in truth where any criticism for one player or another stops in Leafs Nation.

It's a hypervigilant, hypercritical fan-base starving for success where a player is a saviour one night and a scapegoat the next.

Exampling Kadri as a player who when he's received criticism as something disproportionate to say...every goalie the Leafs have had since Ed Belfour, or every center the club has iced since Sundin, or every prospect selected since Wendel Clark, or every deal made since Kurvers was acquired, obscures the at times harsh reality for any player (See Matt Stajan) who does not explode onto the scene with game changing effect.

If people are going to continue that Kadri has been victimized, then the same people better quickly defend those in the media (Don Cherry, etc) and those here who, while part of Leafs Nation and who also characterize our fanbase, have been consistent in their defence of him.

And while it's convenient to cite other fanbases on a one for one sampling, it does nothing to equate the unparalleled support the Toronto Maple Leafs enjoy because of it's dedicated, sometimes myopic fans.

And if the "haters" of Leafs Nation who call themselves Leafs fans can't see the forest from the trees, than perhaps Carolina or Phoenix could use your player above team and fan base support.

It's the NHL, it's the Toronto Maple Leafs, love it or leave it, but "you" are not going to highjack it's name, it's great fans and it's good future to come because of some perceived political slight that is entirely contrived and delusional given the kind of support the player has actually had the priviledge to enjoy.

Personally I'm not opposed to a piercing discussion where merit demands it, but it's frivolous and indulgent to steer this player and his experience into areas that have actually endured true prejudice.

The implication here against Leafs Nation disgusts me. That's what I "hate" and every self-respecting Leafs fan should too.

Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
Well hate happens to all players, there were some posts after the Habs game after Dion logged over 27mins, that he looked slow, was awful after a 2-1 win. You are not going to please all Leafs fans.
But we can try to educate them.

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