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01-21-2013, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Doc McKenna View Post
Trying to back peddle out of your own mess won't help. The other guy trolling me about my education level and watching hannity,(i am a marxist but I would expect hat from someone who doesn't understand the greater good)got thrown on ignore. YOu started with the suggestion that the habs offered 1 million per.
Back peddling? Err...from what?
*sigh* I really thought that if you got some sleep, the haze would lift.
As I and the others have already tried to explain, I did 'not' suggest the habs offered 1 mil per.
Let us try again in a more simpler way.
I said: " For all we know he was offered 2mil for 2 yr"

"For all we know" = We do NOT know but it can be a possibility how ever unlikely.


" For all we know he was offered 2mil for 2 yr"
!= (does not equal)
Habs offered 1 mil per.

It's simple common English. Yes, I do understand it is more common to say "For all I know" but it is still common English.
If you still do not understand, well, we tried. We really did. Get some more rest and maybe a 'cuppa' once you get up.

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