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01-21-2013, 09:52 AM
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I don’t want to jump on the hate bandwagon for this team, as I think there is plenty of time for them to work out the kinks. It‘s like a new or rebuilt motor that needs some tinkering with. But…there is one thing that I cannot get past. Game is nearly over. Out of reach on the scoreboard. You clubs number 1 prospect flying through the neutral zone gets crushed at the blue line by Orpik. A player who in the past has done this several times to the Rangers. You have a 6’7 behemoth on the ice, who looks at the refs as if to say, ”Hey, he can’t do that!”. Brian Boyle, a player who I have defended here in the past just completely disgusted me. The hit, whether it was clean or not on your clubs number 1 prospects need to be immediately answered for. If this was 1994, do you think that Joey Kocur, Jeff Beukeboom, or Adam Graves would have let that slide? No way. Immediately Orpik needed to be dealt with. For Boyle to not blink an eye, as if it were OK to do that is terrible for the room and overall chemistry of this club. He does NOT, or did NOT have this kids back. And for one of the core members, and supposed leaders of this team to not have a rookies back to me is a pretty big area of concern... “the Code”. In the simpliest of terms, when the game is out of hand you cannot let opposing players take liberties. It’s that simple. If they do, immediate retribution needs to happen. Never let anyone impose their will on your team.
6'7 - Yes
Behemoth - Not at all. BB is as soft as they come for a large man. He is afraid of everything except pucks (which he gets in front of). But for a big guy, he is so easily knocked down and he cannot fight and he knows it. If he stands up to Orpik (which he must do don't get me wrong) he gets his butt kicked. And so he did nothing. Another reason to send him away.

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