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Originally Posted by TollefsenFan View Post
Nah I wouldnt say Denmark got alot of top end talent. Ur Nhlrs are not great goalscorers, but very all round players. Thats not bad at all, because guys like Nielsen, Hansen, Eller etc can do a rly good job defesivly, work hard all over the ice and score aswell. Still they are not as good offensivly as Thoresen and Zuccarello on big european ice. Thoresen helped out Norway big time in the olympics (5 point in 4 games) the 2010 whc with 6 points in 6 games and now last in the 2012 whc with 18 points in 8 games)

So the way i see it Denmark got depth, while Norway depends on a few individuals. Only problem with Denmarks depth is that half of the players play in NA.
It's true that Denmark still need a real goalscorer at NHL level. Frans Nielsen is still best with 17 goals last season. You are right that they are all solid defensive forwards with an offensive upside (Hansen, Nielsen, Eller, Regin, Bødker). Some of them might get a breakout-year (Mikkel Bødker most likely) but they are currently not close to Patrick Thoresen's quality (only Malkin was last WC ) - but equal to Zuccarello in my oppinion as point producers if we combine big and small ice history.

The depth problem is that not only "half" the forwards play in NHL - it's the best half. Quality forwards left in Europe are Nichlas Hardt, Morten Madsen, and Nicklas Jensen (that soon will be playing in NHL). These three will probably decide whether Denmark will play olympics or not.....

Also Denmark also need a real hammer on the PP. I never stop being amazed when Morten Ask hammers goals in internationally, as a danger to all on PP (71 goals in 198 matches for Norway...astonishing). Without the existance of PP he would probably not even be on the norwegian squad
Holøs also did havoc on PP last WC where Norway was internationally elite, and Denmark truly sucked.

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