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01-21-2013, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by heartsabres View Post
Come on now donīt be naive, life is going to be much harder in some places then others. I work in Europe and the south africans are or most of them very hard works for much less a wage doing crappy jobs but are happy to make 5 euros an hour instead of 5 euros a day.

Of course where you are born effects your work ethic but it is something that is not 100%.
I agree, there are all types of people in any area, but starkly different backgrounds do forge someone's character to some degree, sometimes to a large degree.

One thing that is certain, in any respect you want to discuss it, where Grigorenko is from is very different than the Moscow area, just as here there is a fair difference (despite having only developed over a couple hundred years) in culture between longtime east coasters, midwestern descendants of homesteaders, descendants of southwestern ranching, etc. To go from west to east in Russia is to go from Eastern Europe to Far Eastern Asia, with Siberia right in the path.

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