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01-21-2013, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by LaGu View Post
I think that you're reading way too much into the posts regarding Paajarvi... I don't believe that anyone suggested that he would be "the solution" to anything. It was just speculation with regards to what roles Harti and PRV have at this point. I think that PRV is here to replace Harti if he doesn't manage to click with Horc and Smyth, but I don't want this to happen too soon (and if Hari plays well PRV should go back to the Barons). Note that we're talking about the 3rd member of the 3rd line here, basically a sub until Jones gets back, not the most important key player on which the team needs to depend to have success...
No he wasn't "reading" too much into the posts re Paajarvi. The poster in question feels MPS is the cure-all for the supposed woes of the second line. Here is a snippet of that wall of text.

Originally Posted by BadMedicine View Post
Our first line looked the worst out there tonight,only surpassing our 2nd line by a tiny margin,they were both trying to play a consistant type of gameplan that forced them to all look dyslexic our entire top 6 looked discombobulated.

We seriously missed MPSs speed size and defensive awarness on the 2nd line and judging by the way the 3rd line played had Hemmer been there he still would have scored.We need MPS on the 2nd line ASAP,the bullet we dodged tonight proves this completely,and no more dump and chase it is ******** for any tham to voluntarily surrender a possesion just to try to regain possesion again??

Having one dimensional players playing on lines with two dimensional players made us look like a drunken marrionette out there.We need to address this and put MPS on the 2nd,Hemmer on the 3rd,and let the 1st line catalyse their offense like I said so RNH can do his creative majic--he and Hall were invisible out there as Ebbs nearly was as well.We cannot afford this dyslexic line performance this season,we need to readdress the criteria we are using to put our lines together immediatly,we need to aknowledge who is one dimensional and who is two dimensional and then keep them apart like water and oil,or we will FUBAR our system no matter what Ralph is asking the men to do.We need to consider the NewAge Hockey System it is unproven but fits our template perfectly,googling ATSBadmedicineNewAgeHockeySystem will show why.

Our PP also looked very disorganised,I think we need to let the guys stay out longer.

Our d-men were not skating the puck up at all,they were choking up and trying a long outlet breakout pass all the time and this just resulted in many turnovers or losses of possesion with no shots on net,the cardinal sin.The d-men needed to skate it up at least 10 or 15 feet and then relay to supporting forwards who werent there tonight at all because we were geared for a breakout setup not a transitional style--everyone was to far upice to support the d-men in dealing with the aggressive forchecking,MPS would have been by proxy.

Someone tell Yakupov he can take it to the net all night long because he often finds himself in range like two or three times a game,he was hesitant,he needs a 100% green light for 60 mins.I didnt like how the 2nd line looked at all ,poor puck distribution and to much reliance on Hemmers speed and not enough on Yakupov and Gagners skillsets.The first line simply must play as I encourage the 2nd line to play,or they will look mortal and perform like mortals.Our top 6 need to all play with two dimensional linemates and this means hemmer out and MPS in next game,and no dump and chase,with some support for the d-men on the forcheck so they can skate it up before they relay it.I hope the next game looks a little more organised than this effort.I saw the try out there but not the results--just two points-a passing grade.
So out of this we can surmise that this poster feels that Hemsky is an anchor dragging down the entire top six because of his "one dimensional play" (whatever in the world he means by that) and that putting MPS into his slot on the second line will mean unlimited offense and iron-clad defense for the entire top six.

I would say ShultzSquared has the OP's views nailed perfectly.

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