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Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post

I think people worry about food too much. I do like the premise of the article though. It goes a long swimmingly with my (extremely uneducated and unprofessional) opinion that for most people, counting calories and types of calories and when you eat those calories, and basically a lot of nutrition is relatively useless information if you want to be a healthy person.

Just stick to the basics. 3 non-gigantic meals a day, 2 small snacks a day (one can even be dessert!), get a good night's sleep, and move your body throughout the day. If you're getting a little chubbier than you want, move your body more throughout the day.

Human's eating and exercising behaviors seem so unnatural to me.
The food we eat is a massive problem in society today, as quite simply its not food anymore. Its "food like products".

Majority of food in grocery stores has become so artificially processed and refined with preseratives and other chemicals in order to maximize its shelf life and reduce productions costs (so companies make more money) that what we eat actually has no real nutrients in it anymore.

Its a huge problem and the reason why North America is over 60% obese and the health care costs only keep rising. I am willing to bet over half of all problems coming into hospitals could be rectified if people understood the important of eating actual food, cutting out all the processed and chemical crap and taking proper multivitamins and anti-oxidants.

People are so used to the thinking "oh if I get a headache just take an advil". This is reactionary thinking, it doesn't solve anything. Just throws more money to pharmceutical companies. If you feed your body all the nutrients it needs, you won't get headaches in the first place.

Don't even get me started on soft drinks, you might as well just go ingest liquid garbage causing drinking pop is quite literally the same thing.

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