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Originally Posted by Winger98 View Post
From what I remember, Minny laid down substantially more cash, going north of $100m over the length of the deal. Suter asked them to lower it, while upping Parise's - probably to take some of the focus off himself as being the big signing.

I think there is always going to be a team desperate enough to put a stupid high offer on the table. I don't think any responsible team can go operate with a continued philosophy of just one-upping the most dumbest offer. At the same time, I think the Wings could strike a better balance between spending on some top6 level talents and filling in with kids. Our farm system is actually producing, and could probably fill in those gaps in the lower six that we're blowing $1-3m per Bert/Eaves/Cleary to fill now.
I still can't understand why people are so confused by the Suter/Parise thing.

Parise was the key to the whole thing - Suter was going to go wherever Parise went and Parise wanted to go to Minnesota.

All the other stuff, the offers from Philly and whatnot, getting the Wings involved on Suter, etc - that was all bluster designed to drive the total price up on both guys. They played everybody perfectly and got exactly what they wanted.


Everybody needs to stop going round and round with this delusion that there was some dollar amount out there that could have brought him in. It's unhealthy.

There. Was. No. Amount. Of. Money. That. Would. Have. Gotten. Suter.

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