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01-21-2013, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Guy Germaine View Post
BOOOORING!! That's the problem. The Canadiens are probably THE most boring team to watch in the NHL... boring ass dump and chase hockey, no creativity at all. Hiring Michel Therrien again was the stupidest move possible, and of course not having your most exciting player on ice doesn't help.
It's the players. Not that I think Therrien is/will be great, but you could put whatever coach you want out there and you'd get the same result.

We have a total of four forwards who can make a pass that's longer than five feet in Pleks, DD, Eller and Gally. And Gally, the only one who can play wing, is a rookie and is still adjusting to the speed of the NHL.

What that means is that on every one of our first three lines (save for potentially Pleks' once Gally picks up his game, which could not even happen this season - see: Stamkos, Seguin, etc.) we have one center who can actually move the puck, playing with two wingers that will cause the play to die once the puck is on their stick through either a shot from a poor location or a turnover. With this group of forwards, there will never be any puck movement that could potentially create space in the offensive zone and generate quality scoring chances. But at least we look good skating in a straight line, right?

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