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01-21-2013, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by ironrhcp View Post
Dude get over it, you're wrong. +/- is a pretty stupid stat and 9/10 will agree. Im pretty sure you're still arguing just because you want to win this little dispute. A very good defensive player on a crap team is not going to have as good of a +/- then a mediocre defensive player on a above average team. Does that mean hes a worse defensive player??? Phil Kessel being a +23 on Boston is a perfect example. Apparently according to that stat he use to be a great defensive player, and that clearly wasn't the case, he just happened to be on an above average team. Now he's a negative on a below average team. Do you see the correlation between the two?? Its a dumb stat end of story.
And for what I believe is now the fourth time, I have never stated that +/- should be compared across different teams.

Please read at least the current page of the thread before misrepresenting my opinion.

Thank you.

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