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01-21-2013, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Mione134 View Post
Some of you people are ridiculous. Let's get some facts out here.

1. Ridley. Vereen. Woodhead are NOT elite running backs. Period. Ridley had a nice season but is he really our answer at rb? Wouldn't you want to upgrade at that position? I would.

2. The Harbowl thing is a joke. But a very good conspiracy if you're into that sort of thing. Good luck trying not to hear about it because you will.

3. I never ONCE said I want to replace Brady and/or bring in Tebow to replace him. Matter of fact, we were looking to acquire him before the Jets did, remember that? He's friends with Belicheck. Its totally plausible they'll be looking at him. And in this new NFL where hybrid QB's are coming out any player with that particular skill set will be looked at and be determined whether or not they can help the team.

Tewbo could help this team. He can't throw but he can run. And I'm sure they'd figure out a useful way to play him unlike the Jets, so riddle me this, what's so wrong with it?

Fact: IF that 4th down play was designed for Tebow he would have got that first down. I'm not a jerk for saying it either. I don't blame Brady for the loss. We need to upgrade our players but he certainly didn't play his best.
Ridley is more than exceptable. Unless you are going to draft an Adrian Peterson near the top of the draft don't bother. Too many Afred Morris' and Arian Foster to worry about that. Remember Laurence Maroney?

Not really sure how Tebow could help this team. Maybe on some 4th and 1's? Hardly seems worth the circus he brings. If you are talking about a 4th and more then one yeard (I think you are) you are nuts. It's highly unlikely he would have gotten it..

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