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Originally Posted by jadeddog View Post
he was one of the best defenders in the entire SEL before he got injured this year... and he played pretty good in the SEL last year as well... last time i checked the SEL was the 3rd or 4th best pro league in the world

klefbom is, by far, our best home grown defence prospect in a long, long time.... schultz doesn't count cause we didn't draft him... i actually can't remember the last dman that we drafted that looked as good as klefbom has up to this point in their careers (age 20 or so).... i'm not saying that he's gonna be a top-2 guy or anything, but literally everything we've heard about the guy has been fantastic ... the only real down arrow for him has been his injuries thus far, and that he doesn't bring a lot of offence (although that is somewhat hard to measure across the leagues)
Could really careless what a guy does in the SEL. Rundblad was one of the best there and he's now on his 3rd team and still a question mark.

Pretty much a wait and see with our prospects. So far outside of 1st overalls and Eberle we haven't seen any results. With that being said it's far too early.

2008 - We had a 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. Granted Hartis was KP's last pick I'd still question what we really expect from those picks. Motin and Bendfeld are flops, but Cornet is a guy that was able to give some depth to the farm system.

2009 - This is a year that with an early 2nd and two thrids I would hope one of the guys becomes a NHLer. I still think Lander plays a 4th line role someday. Hesketh is a bust and I well Abney was a waste IMO. You then have Bigos, who I suspect will be in OKC last year playing some sort of role. Rajala and Roy have roles in OKC right now, so not bad.

People may think that a player that only makes it as far as playing in OKC is a bust pick, but it's better than the days where we had 1st rounders who couldn't make any sort of impact in the AHL.

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