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01-21-2013, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Doppler Drift View Post
No he wasn't "reading" too much into the posts re Paajarvi. The poster in question feels MPS is the cure-all for the supposed woes of the second line. Here is a snippet of that wall of text.

So out of this we can surmise that this poster feels that Hemsky is an anchor dragging down the entire top six because of his "one dimensional play" (whatever in the world he means by that) and that putting MPS into his slot on the second line will mean unlimited offense and iron-clad defense for the entire top six.

I would say ShultzSquared has the OP's views nailed perfectly.
I don't read the blog posts in this forum but fair enough, you're right about that one post (or more correctly, that one poster). The reason for my reply was simply that there were other posts regarding Paajarvi (including my own) followed by a generic reply by ShultzSquared which I think was misrepresenting the points of discussion.

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