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01-21-2013, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
16% of half the leagues revenues, 7% of total revenues. 231 million dollars based on 3.3 billion revenue... yes? My math may be wrong so feel free to correct it if it is.

Revenue sharing now totals 200 million (again, based on 3.3 billion revenue), 100 million (or 50%) of which will come directly from the top 10 revenue teams of which Boston is one (and one of the higher ones)... yes?

I'm not sure why anyone would think Jacobs is making out far better financially because of this CBA.
No, 16% more than they made under the old cba.

43% of 3.3 Billion = 1,419,000,000
50% of 3.3 billion = 1,650,000,000

Ownership will make an additional 230mil/year at 3.3 billion total HRR.

That's a 16% increase on what the 1.4billion they made under the old CBA.

The increase in revenue sharing is only 60 mil/year (from 140-> 200).

Another way to look at it- ownership gained 7% of total revenue in return for sharing 1.8% more between themselves.

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