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Originally Posted by cursednumber6 View Post
Top 5
Babych based on peak...Had wieght problems and was wildly inconsistent defensively but for his short two year peak in wpg/hfd best here.

Reinhart...a personal favorite because of his finesse style and gets the nod on Babych for career but not peak and not range of talents.
for me it's just the opposite. peak has to go to reinhart, but his short career makes babych the best career.

at his absolute peak, reinhart got hart votes.

and, to give a little context about babych from what's been said above, you really have to divide his career in two halves: the first half of his career he was a very good but not quite elite offensive defenseman who was questionable in his own end. he wasn't housley bad, or even say jovanovski bad, but with his size and talent, you wanted more. after he hurt his wrist and missed almost an entire year, he goes to the canucks as a salvage project and completely reinvents himself as a steady-as-hell second pairing guy on the canucks' shutdown pairing with gerald diduck.

but this is a really tough thread, because these are such different players and with such different career arcs. and they all have gaps in their games/careers. peak, i'd go:




schneider was completely one-dimensional until late in his career, but he was for a brief spell (with detroit and at the very end of his LA tenure) an excellent two-way guy.

jeff brown was always completely one-dimensional, but what a talent on the PP.

ohlund, mitchell, and hamhuis have all been at their very best one of the top five guys in the league defensively. ohlund had the fullest career, though hamhuis obviously has a lot of hockey ahead of him.

jovo isn't as good as people thought he was, but isn't as bad as people now say he was. an adventure in his own end, especially on the break out, but easily a number one defenseman in the league in his prime and he's played forever.

lidster was not nearly as good as the numbers make him look. if he's a top pair guy on your team (which he was on the canucks for years), you're going to be a last place team. think: a poor man's dave ellett. lumme also was a second tier offensive defenseman, but a huge huge huge upgrade on lidster.

salo was really underrated at his best, but because he was always an injury waiting to happen, you can't really put his peak that high. a healthy peak salo, if you could guarantee that he'd play 70+ games season-in, season-out for three years would probably make my top five. maybe as high as #3.

snepsts was a solid defensive guy, who brought nothing offensively. but he wasn't an elite defensive guy, unlike ohlund, mitchell, hamhuis, or even peak salo. a quality #3 or 4. better than lidster, but behind most if not all of the others.

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