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Originally Posted by silvercanuck View Post
I found this quite interesting:

I'm sure there are enough hard core NBA fans to fill an arena but what is general fan interest in the NBA going to be like in Seattle?
No ****? Interest in the NBA fell after their team was essentially stolen from them?

Sorry, but that's a garbage article for obvious reasons. The Sonics relocated for one reason and one reason only, Stern and the NBA wanted to send a message that they'd even revoke a well-supported team if the city didn't get behind funding a new arena. Seattle was used as a message to make sure that other markets had something to fear if they didn't kowtow to demands for public funding. The fact that they're so willingly, and eagerly, going to approve a return to Seattle just a few years later is clear that they're not at all worried about fan support.

The interest will absolutely be there in a return of the Sonics. The only reason they had lower attendance is because, get this.... they had a small arena! Percentage wise, they were drawing well into the top half. They're not the Bulls or the Lakers or the Knicks in terms of fan support, and nobody would dare claim otherwise, but they were nowhere near the bottom as some like to pretend they were. They got a raw deal with their new ownership that was interested from day one to relocate and the League was fully behind that, too.

If you ever get the opportunity, check out SonicsGate on Youtube. I'd give a link, but Youtube's blocked at my office.

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