Thread: Post-Game Talk: Oilers win!
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01-21-2013, 12:05 PM
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Well, even though i was working last night and couldnt watch the game, after watching the hilites, i see that i was right about the nucks flopping around like beached whales trying to get the refs to give them the calls as per usual.

The play where Ebs scored, the nux commentator was trying to make it seem like one of the sisters got hauled down, he was looking around for the ref to give the call, but the funny thing was, was that Hall wasnt even remotely close to him, Hall got a couple steps on him and he just flopped to the ice in hopes of getting a call....didnt work though, about f n time the refs pulled their heads from their a**es and didnt give them yet another freebie. Pathetic. And that was only one example, i'm sure there were plenty of other examples too.

That team really has no scruples at all, they make a mockery of the game and yet the nux fans just eat it up year after year and act like thats the way to play the game. Pathetic! Still cant believe the league hasnt done anything to get serious about getting the soccer style diving out of the game for good, it has no place in hockey.

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