Thread: Post-Game Talk: Hawks 5, Kings 2
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01-21-2013, 12:24 PM
Chris Hansen
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Originally Posted by swanny View Post
Admit you absolutely loathe Kruger and are unable to watch him without a skewed eye. Then tell us who you would prefer in his position that can perform equally as well who is on our roster. Not some wild ****ing trade that will never happen. So feel free to break out your undying love for Mayer.

BTW....I am one of the least proponents for Kruger. But he has played pretty well the last two games and I am willing to admit that. If you watched unbiased you would too.
Agreed. It's the same guy who has held an odd grudge for Bolland for years.

Some people just can't see past their bias. I've been ridiculously critical of Kruger in the past, and probably unfairly so sometimes. But even I'm able to admit he's been impressive so far.

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