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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
They'd get much more than a 2nd.

And if he doesn't waive his NMC, don't buy him out. Drop him to the 3rd line wing spot.

And like most players at this stage of their careers, winning a cup is very important to him.

There's a few teams that are contenders that need 2nd line centers
Here's the problem, dropping Briere to the third line wing spot hurts this team. You're giving up 6.5M in cap space for a 3rd line winger, which is unacceptable. The whole "let's play hardball with him if he uses his NMC" is fun when you're just speculating about the future, but in practice it hurts the player and it hurts the team; it's good for nobody.

We gave Danny B that no movement clause and he has the right to use it and he shouldn't be punished if he does. I can't be mad at a player for making a shrewd financial decision.

But I would be angry w/ Homer if he has the chance to amnesty Briere and put that money towards Perry or Iginla or Semin and doesn't do it just to prove a point w/ Briere.

If Homer decides Briere is no longer worth his cap hit (ie. is willing to trade him), then even if Danny uses his NMC, we should get rid of him in the offseason, provided a better replacement like Perry is available.

As far as the contending teams needing a center, very few of them have a better chance than the Flyers. I think you forget we were one of the top 8 teams in the NHL last year. If you are expecting Danny to waive his NMC and leave his family to go to team just because they appear they're going to sneak into the playoffs as a 7-8 seed, then I think you're mistaken. Most of the top contenders don't "need" Danny Briere and certainly wouldn't pony up the type of assets you're talking about to acquire him. I also think many top contenders would be extremely wary of his cap hit. That's a lot of cap space being eaten up by a 2nd line center. And the middling contenders that might give up something of value and be willing to take Briere are not likely to be very attractive / appealing for Briere to waive his NMC.

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