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01-21-2013, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by NvincentYvalentineR View Post
Not really /thread.

With respect to Gagners stats...

Take away his 8 point game and they look even more pedestrian. 14-25-39.

Almost 20% of his seasons production came game during 1 game vs Chicago in February.

I wouldn't trade a 1st and Skjei for him either way. You keep him, well keep our prospects. Every one is happy.
And how would you explain away Gagner's other 40 point seasons? He caught a hot game and padded his stats pretty well but it's not like he's the first player to ever have a hot streak or lucky game. Over 5 seasons he's maintained a 40 point status as a player and hasn't had a lot of high end talent to work with while doing it.

We'll keep Gagner as he'll be far more valuable to Edmonton than Skjei and a late 1st anyways. We're building our way out of the bottom now and trying to finish the rebuil;d...not extend it by another couple years.

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