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01-21-2013, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Godinster View Post
Bought GCL for the first time this year. I use it in combination with Unblock-US to get around all blackouts, including CBC games. I'm in Saskatchewan so Sportsnet blackouts aren't an issue but without Unblock-US you're stuck watching CBC games on unless of course you have cable or an indoor antenna.

Saturday was dismal at best but yesterday I watched a few other games to great results. The 360 app is a bit hit or miss but overall I'm pretty pleased.

Truthfully I wouldn't even consider paying for it without a way to circumvent the blackouts, the policy is absolutely ludicrous. Without Unblock-US, I'd be blacked out to the game tonight because of RDS; I don't speak French and I don't even have access to RDS here.
Unblock-us is amazing and it's only thing keeping my experience with GCL a good one. I'm probably going to change to hockeystreams after this year though. No way in hell am I going to pay 200 bucks for 82 games followed by 5 bucks a month for the unblock us service. 250 bucks right there, absolute non-sense.

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