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Originally Posted by EddieAVS View Post

I absolutely cannot stand it when people compare RFA signings to UFA signings. They are not comparable in any way. UFAs are almost ALWAYS paid more because of the asset management associated to it. If you dont give it to Jones, you end up giving it to some other UFA.

RFAs still stay within the system. Even if other teams want to poach RFAs, the team will always get compensation.

The leverage in each situation is not even remotely the same, as is the situation of each individual player. So comparing their salaries is beyond out to lunch.

Secondly, for you two criticizing management for not signing this guy, how can you possibly do so when you absolutely no idea what O'Reilly's camp is asking for?
What we do know is he signed a 2yr deal in Russia. What we do know is that he requires more than his KHL deal. What we know is that hes refused two different deals which payed 3.4M and 3.5M per year.

The avs are a team that is built through youth. That youth is developing, and, in time, lots of players will be needing new contracts.

The problem with O'Reilly is we still have no idea what to expect on an offensive level, consistently, nor Stastny, nor Duchene. And therein lies the major problem. If O'Reilly continues with 50-60 pts and Duchene starts reaching in the 70+, O'Reilly's contract will be a huge sticking point to Duchene's agents.
If Duchene starts reaching 70+ pay him acordingly... I bet if Duchene has two 70+ points seasons, he will demand a contract around 6M, regardless of how much O'Reilly will be making, he'll have other comparables around the league. Or do you expect him to take whatever the Avs offer just because he will be a RFA?

If O'Reilly is signed to a 5M+ deal, Duchene will easily be able to command 6+. How about Landeskog. Based on O'Reilly's demands, Landeskog should already be paid as much as O'Reilly does.
As i said in my post, 5M+ is too much, i agree. But what Landeskog has to do with it??

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