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01-21-2013, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by finnishdman View Post
Few weeks ago, i had very scary moment at our game. The puck was going to behind of our goal. I was retrieving that puck with one opposite player behind me. About ten feet before the boards, that opposite player crosschecks me from behind, and I fell head first to the boards. I was carried to hospital after this collision. And the refs gave only 2 min to opposite player for cross-checking and I got 2+10 for diving. Our coach got a game misconduct too, cause he asked from refs "how that player is able to hit a player who doesn't have the puck from behind and how he didn't get match penalty?" and those refs answered "that was players own mistake to be on ice at that moment". So, if you were officiating exactly this kind of case, what penalties you think you had to call? Answers please
I'm pretty sure a 2+10 for diving does not exist in the rules of any governing body

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